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Looking for a high tech Arizona university or college to get your degree from? Then this is the site for you! This directory will help guide you to a top Arizona college and universities offering technology oriented college degree programs. Computer technology is booming in Arizona, especially in the Valley of the sun. Why go to college in Arizona? Arizona college and university campuses enjoy beautiful weather. Arizona gets 300 days a Year of sunshine and has Glorious scenery in the deserts and mountains. Arizona is a fun place to learn and live, if you want to to pursue a degree in computer science at a university or college. The Phoenix-metro area is considered 'silicon desert' reflecting is importance as a technology center.

Arizona University and Colleges: Picking the Right School

Finding a college that focuses on computer technology and offers accredited degrees is easy.  But finding a quality school that fits with your learning style is not. 

There are plenty of Arizon trade schools that advertise themselves as computer schools, but a quick check will show that the academic program consists of a few classes with outmoded technology.  As you browse and contact these Arizona schools, do your homework. Some things to consider when picking a school.



Arizona Universities in Central Arizona


University of Advancing Technology



Location: Tempe, Arizona (in the Phoenix Valley area)

The University, which is a private college, provides technology training, plus academic, personal, and career skills that enable students to become better thinkers, workers, and individuals.

Our undergraduate and graduate technology degree programs reflect current industry needs and requirements in the competitive computer-based economy. Our responsiveness to rapidly changing business and employee requirements is only one factor that makes the University more than a computer school. UAT blends technological training with conceptual knowledge, general studies, management and leadership theory and communication skills.

The associates, bachelors and masters degree programs feature advanced learning techniques, combined with hands-on, personalized computer training.

College of Multimedia. Degrees: a Bachelor of Arts and Associate of Arts in Multimedia Design. Majors: Digital Animation Production, Digital Video Production, Game Design and Web Design.

College of Software Engineering. Degrees: Bachelor of Science and an Associate of Science in Software Engineering. Majors: Computer Programming, Database Development and Administration, Game Programming, Internet Development and Administration, Network Engineering and Network Security.

The College of Technology Commerce. Degrees: a Bachelor of Science and an Associate of Science in Technology Commerce. Majors: E-Commerce Marketing, Internet Database Management, Technology Management, and Web Site Production.

Graduate College. Degree: a Masters of Science in Technology.

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 The Art Institutes

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Programs at The Art Institute of Phoenix, a private college, rely heavily on technology. When students are studying to prepare themselves for the workplace, they must become proficient in the tools of the workplace. Here at The Institute, those tools are provided.

Each program of study has its own technology needs. Computer Animation relies heavily on PC-platform machines software used to produce 3-D animation, 2-D ink-and-paint, digital paint, and compositing effects.

Game Art & Design uses much of the same equipment as Computer Animation, with additional tools that allow game prototyping and simulations.

 Arizona State University

Location: Tempe, Arizona (in the Phoenix East Valley area)

Arizona State University is a major research and public university. In addition to the Main Campus, the University features two newer college campuses with more specialized missions: ASU West (in Northwest Phoenix adjacent to Glendale) and ASU East (in Mesa). The University also operates an Extended Education program, which is administered out of its Center located in downtown Phoenix. The University, in all of its aspects, is a place where students participate with faculty in the creation of new knowledge and where numerous programs enhance the quality of life in metropolitan Phoenix

 Collins College


Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Collins College is dedicated to providing the very best in career education to its students in a number of career areas, including Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Computer Graphics,Traditional and Computer Animation, Multimedia, Digital Video, Web Design, Interactive Multimedia, Computer Network Administration, Local Area Networks, and E-commerce Programming. Collins College is a private college.



Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Currently, DeVry campuses are located in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Alberta and Ontario, Canada, serving some 47,000 students.

The private DeVry system has expanded in curriculum and degree offerings as well. In 1957, the DeVry Institutes achieved associate-degree-granting status in electronics engineering technology and 12 years later were authorized to grant bachelor's degrees in the same discipline. Computer Science for Business (later renamed Computer Information Systems) was introduced in 1979 as DeVry's second bachelor's degree program.

 High-Tech Institutes


Location: Phoenix, Arizona

High-Tech Institute is a specialized family of Schools and Colleges dedicated to preparing students for a career in technology at its private schools. HTI has been serving students for more than 30 years, and graduates are currently employed nationally and internationally.

 ITT Technical Institute


Location: Phoenix, Arizona

The ITT Technical Institutes are committed to helping men and women begin to develop the skills and knowledge to pursue career opportunities in fields involving technology and to help meet the needs of industry.

Each ITT Tech school has a dual focus: to respond to the educational needs of students and the employment needs of the companies that hire the ITT Technical Institute's graduates.

 Long Technical College


Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Long Technical College is a private school offering quality programs that integrate professional skills and career-focused education empowering students to develop and achieve their personal and career potentials.

Long Technical College recognizes the worth and dignity of all people, and is sensitive to the diversity of cultural and ethnic backgrounds represented in its student population. All students are encouraged to reach their potential within the framework of their individual needs, interests, and capabilities. A strong emphasis is placed on ethics, accountability, professionalism, and the individualís commitment to pursuing lifelong personal and professional development.

 Rio Salado College


Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Rio Salado College was established in 1978 to provide active, working adults like you with flexible educational opportunities designed for your convenience.

Known as "the college without walls," Rio Salado does not maintain a traditional public college campus. Instead, courses are delivered for diverse populations using customized programs and partnerships, accelerated formats and distance learning. We deliver learning opportunities onsite at corporations and government agencies and at community centers including Paradise Valley Mall, Luke Air Force Base and the Rio Salado College School of Dental Hygiene. We are also one of nation's leading providers of distance learning courses, which allow students to take courses anytime and anyplace.

 University of Phoenix


Location: Phoenix, Arizona

The University of Phoenix is a private college whose mission is to provide high quality education to working adult students. The University identifies educational needs and provides, through innovative methods, including distance education technologies, educational access to working adults regardless of their geographical location. The University provides general education and professional programs that prepare students to articulate and advance their personal and professional goals.


Northern Arizona Universities

 Yavapai College

Location: Prescott, Arizona

Yavapai College, a fully accredited public college in the Arizona Community College System, provides educational opportunities to residents in an 8,100 square mile service area.

Yavapai College students pursue academic or professional-technical studies leading to transfer to four-year colleges or universities, associate degrees, certificates or special interest courses.

Both the Prescott and Verde Valley campuses offer Retirement courses. Students 62 or older take classes in a supportive learning environment along with their peers and also qualify for reduced rates.

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